22 April 2014

Lilla Smalto 21

I was given three bottles of Lilla Nail Laque all the way from Italy, and today I'll be swatching the first of them. Both of these polishes were gifts from a friend and I couldn't be happier to be sharing these gems with my readers today.

Greens are an increasing scarcity in my polish collection, being one of the few colors that I rarely find myself drawn to. While a nice rich forest or a pastel pistachio may hold a certain allure, they're not my most reached for bottles when a new collection is debuted.

This particular bottle has a soft spot in my heart because it was a gift from a close friend. It reminds me that even when she was in the throws of a summer college trip to Italy she still had our friendship in mind when she picked up some polishes for me as tokens of her trip.

Smalto 21 is a beautiful mix of mossy green and rich veins of golden green shimmer. It's truly lovely in the bottle and the shimmer is bold enough to wear true on the nail.

The brush was flexible, flat, and moderately wide which allowed for easy and precise application. My swatch is two coats of Smalto 21 with base and top coat.

What colors are scarce in your collection, and which ones hold sentimental value? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


  1. That is such a pretty shade of green! I like it a lot.

  2. Mind you, when I read your post title I thought "Yet another brand that uses an Italian name". And then I read it is Italian?? I am Italian and I have NEVER heard of this brand before! So odd. Is there any website written on the bottle? You made me curious!

    1. Haha! Yes actually, the website on the bottom is www.beautypointshop.com! I'm not sure what city she was in when she purchased these, but they're probably some variety of drugstore/pharmacy polish! :)


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