14 April 2014

POFA Summer Collection Pt. 2

Hello again my lovely readers! Today I'm bringing you the second half of the POFA Summer Collection. In case you missed my first post on this brand I've included some repeat details to get you up to speed. For those of you who caught the first half, you can skip ahead to the polishes!

POFA is a new to me brand but also a fairly new brand in general. I had never heard of their polishes before I was contacted by the owner, so I'm happy to be on the fore front in helping to spread the word about these polishes!

POFA as a brand describes itself as "a new, innovative, and exciting line of nail products. We are emerging as the newest standard of quality nail color in the industry, while providing the best customer service". That's a tall order in and of itself, but to top it off POFA claims to have a chip-proof formula. The polish retails for $8 USD per bottle and is available through PofaNailColor.com.

Melanie was one of the colors I was most excited to try. I knew that my mom would adore the bright pink for summer! My swatch is two coats with base coat. The formula on this one was flawless! It applied beautifully and my swatch is shown with zero cleanup! It's almost a one coater, but I applied a second coat just to create a totally solid finish.

Naftaly is a cheery orange with slight red undertones. It's not neon and isn't too yellow so it should be flattering on a wider range of skintones. My swatch is two coats with base coat. The formula on this polish was a blend between a creme and a jelly, but not a full on 50/50 split. It leaned more towards a creme and was smooth to apply. I didn't have any issues and this swatch is shown without clean up.

Gemma is the oddball out of the collection; A rich medium red in the bottle. I never really classify reds as a specifically summer color, but every brand needs a signature red shade so I'm assuming this is POFA's interpretation! My swatch is two coats with base coat. The formula on this one was easy to work with just like the rest, although not as stellar as Melanie.

As I said in my previous post, none of my swatches feature top coat because the polishes themselves dry so super shiny. If these were more than swatches I would definitely add a protective layer, but I wanted you to see them on their own.

The brush on all these polishes was fairly flat with a slightly rounded tip that fanned out smoothly on the nail and allowed for easy application. The POFA bottle itself is a substantial glass square with 0.5oz of product. The brush handle is a slightly tapered matte black with a subtle textured finish that provides grip. The length of the handle is perfect for ease of polishing.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the polishes that POFA is producing. It's a new brand so there's still a lot of room for improvement. My gripes would be that the polish names are not included on the bottles themselves (only on the website) and that no formula information (Big 3 Free, Cruelty Free, ect) is mentioned on either the Facebook page or official website. Both of these things are easily fixed and I'm excited to see where this brand is headed with upcoming collections.

What colors are calling your name from the POFA Summer Collection? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


  1. Love the first two shades! There all very pretty though. I love my cremes.

    1. Melanie is my fave! And I agree, there's always a special place in my collection for a good creme polish!


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