09 August 2014

Desserts First

This weekend brings to pass another birthday for me, and one of the post-birthday perks is getting to eat leftover birthday cake for breakfast. This Kate Spade tote is probably one of my best handbag purchases to date because I use it as my daily work tote. There's also the compliment factor: From my local baristas to random women I encounter, this bag is always collecting compliments. The fun color blocked design and cheeky quote have a very whimsical and appealing nature.

I've finally got a real adult job as a Graphic Designer and I'm wrapping up a brand redesign for a local client that has me feeling pretty good about my talents and renewing my passion for art. I've also discovered through this job that I genuinely enjoy designing wedding invitations so I'm putting together some stock design suites when I have some spare moments. I always was scared pursuing it as a job would ruin this field as my hobby, but I'm finding that the old adage is true: "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". When your work makes you fulfilled it's easy to get up in the morning.

As you might be able to tell from this post I'm taking my blog in a new direction. I've been a nail blogger for three years now and while I still love painting my nails it's no longer my only beauty-centric interest and I find myself wanting to wear and enjoy my polishes rather than removing one each day and having swatching marathons.

I'm going to start posting about other beauty topics, along with a mixture of lifestyle posts and these little weekend wrap-ups that cover updates and thoughts about work, life, and blogging.

My blog is my outlet and it's fluid. It will change with my interests and my thoughts and I hope you enjoy my new posts, whether they are frequent or few and far between.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Great to hear an update on the new direction you'll be taking this blog. Its exciting and I can't wait to see. The bag is so chic and cute too!


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