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This is a current list of all the polishes I have in my active collection. This does not include all the polishes I've ever owned, or polishes used for frankening or only nail art. This list is organized by brand. At the end of each category is a link to the brand tag so you can see swatches I've done of the colors.

Current Count: 217 Polishes

Funny Bunny
Hopelessly In Love
Pedal Faster Suzi
Por Favor
Teenage Dream
I Lily Love You
And This Little Piggy...
Strawberry Margarita
Party In My Cabana
Berry Good Dancers
I Eat Mainely Lobster
I’m His Coral-Friend
Big Hair...Big Nails
The Show Must Go On!
Houston... We Have A Purple
The One That Got Away
Canadian Maple Leaf
Diva of Geneva
DS Extravagance
Movin’ Out
My Big Break
I’d Like To Thank
Burning Love
Ya’ll Come Back Ya Hear?
In My Back Pocket
Banana Bandana
Did It On ‘Em
Call Me On My Cell-ery
Jade Is The New Black
At Your Quebec & Call
Not Like The Movies
Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow
Cuckoo For This Color
Yoga-Ta Get This Blue!
Midnight Blue Glitter
Ski Teal We Drop
Yodel Me On My Cell
Austin-Tatious Turquoise
Absolutely Alice
Simmer & Shimmer
Last Friday Night
Sonic Bloom
Sea Ya Later, Sailor!
What’s With The Cattitude?
DS Sapphire
Sugarplum Yum
Rumple’s Wiggin’
Done Out In Deco
Passport and a Smile
DS Original
Mad As A Hatter
Meet Me On The Star Ferry
Merry Midnight
I Brake For Manicures
Catherine The Grape
My Private Jet (Original Holographic Version)
Metallic 4 Life
Black Shatter

White Cap
Fairy Dust
Pelican Gray
Below Deck
Pom Pom
108 Degrees
Mrs. Claus
Love Marilyn
Ruby Pumps
Mummy May I
Gamer Glam
Sea Spray
For Audrey
Blue Iguana
Dorothy Who?
First Mate
Little Drummer Boy
Smoke and Ashes
Jolly Holly
Watermelon Rind
Zombie Zest
It's Alive
Re-Fresh Mint
Goin' My Way?
Midtown Magic
Liquid Leather
Shocking Pink (neon)

Pure Pearlfection
It's In The Bag
Shine of The Times
Sugar Daddy (pale version)
As Gold As It Gets
Sand Tropez
Penny Talk
Merino Cool
Damsel In A Dress
Stroke of Brilliance
Fair Game
Blue Rhapsody
One Day Without Blues
Looking For Love
Sugar Daddy (pink version)
Cute As A Button
A Cut Above
Big Spender
Ruby Slippers
Rock The Croc
Lacy Not Racy

Gold Mist
Naughty Girl
Frosted Ice Hot Tamale
Really Rio

Hard Candy - Beetle
Catrice - Genius In The Bottle
L'Oreal - Owl's Night
Kleancolor - Metallic Aqua (mini)
Jade - Silver Holographic
Essence - Sweet As Candy, Space Queen, My Boyfriend's Jeans
Lilla - 15, 35, 21
BK - Crystal Sand
E.L.F. - Neon Yellow
Claire's - Evil Queen, Poison Apple
Color Club - Love 'Em Leave 'Em, Clambake Coral (mini), Age of Aquarius (mini), Put A Pin In It (mini)
Wet n' Wild - Black Creme
NYC - Skin Tight Denim Creme
Love & Beauty (Forever 21) - Moodstruck Purple/Light Pink
Sally Hansen - Model Behavior, Cafe Au Lait, Brilliant Bordeaux, Strawberry Icing, Byte
Milani - Silver, Gold, Mr. Sandman, Cyberspace, Blue Flash
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Tokyo Pearl, Frenzy, Bali Mist, Black on Black
Revlon - Black With Envy, Royal, Blue Lagoon, Grape Fizz, Perplex
CND - Jade Sparkle

Typed/Text list is not currently up to date. Categories that have been updated with images are current.

I'm no longer in the "must aquire everything!" stage of my collection, so I'm slowly refining and condensing it into the polishes I love and wear most. The number of polishes I own will likely decrease more often than it increases.