Up until I turned nineteen I absolutely hated wearing nail polish. I also bit my nails and wore pleather short shorts so I obviously wasn't a stunning beacon of taste and good choices. Thankfully my shorts transitioned into natural fibers and gained a few inches, and somewhere along the way I discovered how feminine and delightful painting my nails could be. I created Lovely In Lacquer after discovering the nail blogging community and having way too much spare time on my hands (pun intended) while working as a barista in a local theatre's coffee shop. Here we are a few posts and a few years later and I'm still embracing the joy I get from polished nails. I hope you find inspiration and happiness from reading my posts, but let's be real; You'll probably just acquire more nail polish lemmings much as I do when browsing nail blogs.

If you've found my blogging style or swatches to be to your liking, I'd be more than pleased to discuss your business inquiries with you. You can drop me an email anytime and I'll respond as timely as possible.