Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from July 5, 2011.

Lovely In Lacquer is a personal blog written by me (Abby). If you have any questions regarding this blog or it's disclosure policies please contact me at lovelyinlacquer@gmail.com.

As this is a personal blog, the views and opinions published here are only my own and are based on my personal experience. This blog adheres to FTC guidelines and has disclosure in each post with links to this page, where you can find my complete disclosure policy.

I am in no way an expert on nail care nor am I a licensed nail technician. All my opinions are based on personal experience and research, and I will only endorse products or services that I believe (based on personal experience) are worthy of such endorsement.

Post Disclosure

As of January 1, 2014 all posts have individual disclosure buttons before the content begins. Posts made before this date include disclosure but do not use specified buttons. Each button leads back to this page where you can read below for in depth definitions of the terms. Multiple disclosure buttons may be used on a single post when necessary.

  • Press Sample: This post contains products received for review or consideration from a company representative or brand. 

  • Affiliate Links: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links either provide information to a brand or small compensation to myself when a purchase is made using the specified link. All affiliate links will be marked with [affiliate link] after the hyperlinked text for clarity.

  • Gifted Item: This post contains items given to me by friends or family.

  • Nothing to Disclose: This post contains items that I have purchased myself of my own volition. 

Product Reviews

Lovely In Lacquer accepts products for review from both brands and public relations representatives. Receipt of a product whether solicited or unsolicited does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product.

Lovely In Lacquer does not accept compensation in exchange for a product review. Obtaining a PR sample or gifted product does not guarantee a positive or favorable review. I try to only accept products for review that I am genuinely excited about or interested in, but my reviews are always honest and I cannot and will not promise or commit to a positive review when receiving a product for review. Any product claims, company quotes, or guarantees should be verified with the manufacturer.

Lovely In Lacquer does not provide compensation to brands or brand representatives who wish to provide products for review. This includes but is not exclusive to packing materials, shipping costs, or product materials.

Brand Affiliations, Ambassadorships, and Sponsorships

Lovely In Lacquer does accept brand ambassadorships and sponsorships. All brand relationships will be clearly and properly disclosed in each post, and all relationships with brands will be upfront. Lovely In Lacquer does accept affiliate links but all links will be clearly marked and disclosure will be provided at the top of the post declaring affiliate links within.

Lovely In Lacquer only accepts brand ambassadorships and sponsorships that are believed to be relevant to the content of this blog, and that I believe are worthy of such endorsement.


Lovely In Lacquer does not currently provide advertisement space but does not exclude the possibility of advertising space in the future. If this changes this section will be updated accordingly.